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October 10th, 2020 11am - 2pm

| Cost TTD100 per person* |

Improving the online services + engagement of your church

This virtual short course is specifically designed for churches that need to begin or improve the quality of their online services. The focus will be on media teams, worship teams, and leadership. We have all been put a bit out of our element by the restrictions of gatherings and it's imperative that God's work continues.


Our quick story is one where we had to figure out how to quickly transition to keep our church engaged. This meant determining what gear we use and how to transition the teams to be comfortable in front of the camera. While it still isn't perfect we want to help you skip way ahead using our expertise + experience.

We want to help you deliver with the same level of excellence as you did with in-person services and we want to thank you for considering us. We are here for any questions you have.

| Video Basics | Audio Basics | Lighting Basics |

| Live Streaming + Video Production Basics |

| How to Connect with an Online Crowd |

-Video Basics
   The Camera + Settings
   Expose + Compose Your Shots

-Video Production
   Production Gear for Beginners
   Multicam Shots +Live Streaming

   Recording Audio in Any Environment
   How to Record Better Audio

   Using Ambient Light for Video
   The 3-Point Video Lighting Setup

-Connecting with your Audience

   Confidence on-Camera

   Engaging your Audience

Your Facilitators:

Leon + Lisa Henry

owners of Rink Films

Currently serves at Jesus Life Centre in Caroni with 10 years experience in the video+live streaming field.


*We cannot underscore how much this is also important for non-technical team members. Whilst they will have the power to produce amazing services, they need equally confident persons from the worship teams and pastors/leaders. If you would like a more personal approach for your specific need let us know below.

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Payment can be made online at the following Banks:

First Citizens Bank | Rink Concepts Acc# 2186201

Republic Bank Ltd | Leon Henry Acc# 510 017 022 931

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